Home Editorial Wake up REPUBLIC!– Hypocritical Politics is alive and well. 

Wake up REPUBLIC!– Hypocritical Politics is alive and well. 


Wake up REPUBLIC!😦– Hypocritical Politics is alive and well.

As Americans we are very smart Patriots who do not always wish to see “truth” or create waves if it challenges the status quo.

That’s why we can not turn a blind eye to Trumps disdain for President Obama as a political figure, popular president, and – in the opinion of many – as a man.

The GOP dark driving effort to erase all the good actions Obama created during his very popular presidency is “Hypocritical Politics””.

But let us as voters and residents not be closed-minded to the point we forget such hypocritical strategies also exist at local and state levels in an effort to persuade eager challenging political candidates to not challenge the status quo political climate.

The same tactics used at the national level are also being used stealthily to
undermine our democracy at home regarding the political process.

As the political climate heightens during forward movement to the election year of 2018, We must keep in mind “all politics is local”.

We the People in Maryland “must” viciously support the U.S. Constitutional right for any qualified citizen to run for office regardless of race, religion or political affiliation without being attacked personally or undermined politically.

And too, any attempt to undermine a persons right to run for office is Political TREASON and clearly against the values we hold dear in our democracy and in our Republic.

In the 21st Century, Trust with transparency must be inclusive in our political atmosphere.

Americans, let us be the model for the world as the founding fathers of our democracy intended.

The United States of America is the worlds oldest constitutional democracy where the People rule not established politicians.

Think about it.

J. A. Dula
U. S. Military Veteran,
Not bought, not owned and can’t be sold on Hypocracy.