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 Don Mega recently changed his direction from music producer to a coach. His new-found title as Coach Patterson came after he launched his nonprofit, The Mega Foundation, with a special branch of it specifically for children called, Mega Kidz.

His objective for forming Mega Kidz was to establish a nurturing environment for our young kids where they could grow and develop as our future leaders. At Mega Kidz, he decided to create his own sports academy dedicated to providing student athletes with the opportunity to participate, play, and have superb instruction in the sport of their choosing, even at the highest level.

“We are trying to position ourselves as the new leaders in the South Florida area offering year-round professional instruction to athletes of all ages.”

After an analysis of youth today and working with different kids, particularly those in inner cities, he realized that many kids would like a chance to be able to participate in a fun sports program, make their school team, or even be able to take their skills up to the professional level, but don’t have an outlet to do so.

“Most schools are not offering any type of sports program of this type that we can offer.”

An important blend of strategic instruction, guidance, and personal development will be at the foundation of Mega Sports. Players will be able to attain the skills and knowledge to compete at the highest level athletically, but their academic excellence is equally or even more important. The program offers certified teachers that could work with their athletes as tutors to help with anything from homework to SAT/ACT preparation.



Don Mega is CEO and super-producer of DBlock Mega Muzik and Vice President of Production at BSM 1017. Kartel record labels has produced for some of the biggest names in Hip Hop including Jadakiss, Styles P, Sheek (all of DBlock Records), Gucci Mane (Brick Squad Mafia 1017) Waka Flocka (Brick Squad Monopoly), and Lil Boosie and Webbie (Trill Entertainment) to name a few. Both DBlock Mega Muzik and BrickSquad Mafia 1017 Kartel operate and function as separate entities, but act as subsidiary labels. DBlockMega Muzik / 1017 Kartel Records began in the in 90s when Don Mega stepped in the New York Hip Hop scene and began working with the legendary label DBlock Records. Producing with this label for many years, Don Mega mastered his craft and in Fall 2011 branched out on his own to open DBlock Mega Muzik Records. This newly formed independent label was launched in Miami Florida with the blessing of his label mates Jadakiss, Styles P & Sheek Louch, and has since been building and expanding at a rapid pace.

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