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Black History Month Poems


February is Black History Month–Celebrate!



What tune played upon his heart?

This child; was frightened, crying, distraught?

As cowardly brutes took their pleasure

Of hatred against this onyx treasure.


Deadly still the Tallahatchie

Grey and murky and knowledge that she

Swallowed this child for no good reason

A boyish stare; social treason!


Said it was a whistle from the mouth of this child

That opened a door for tyrants gone wild

To gutlessly hunt him like an animal

Settling the score for his lily white admiral.


Sadder still, a government who turned its’ head

Away from the sin wrought in its bed

Rape, blood, murder, and lies

United in a state of hungry flies.







A Vassal’s Dirge


If you listen, you will hear the song

Of ages; timeless dirges that hung


Heavy on the bare backs of prisoners of hatred

In a place where freedom for some, was sacred


Where chain gangs, clanging, and singing

Wind chimes and lemonade dreams, clinging


To dry tongues of black men and boys’ digressing

Humming Negro spirituals in the sun of oppression


If you listen, you will hear their song—of grief

Home sick fathers laying a mental wreath


Upon graves of babies and mammas who died alone

Hungry and cold. Nobody to help, ‘cause daddies gone


Dragged away in the dimness of night, no warning

Just the firing of a gun and covered heads mourning


The loss of Southern lands and hands—field hands—now foes

Hovering, waiting, darting eyes through peepholes


Come to kill my spirit, torture my seed

And beat my body ‘till it bleed’


If you listen, you will hear the songs

Of angelic women and praying tongues


Of love and hate

And unfortunate fate


Of strength and courage

And a people’s heritage


Born of a longing to be free

Who suffered and died for you and me.





~Rev. BJ Buchanan

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